Written Work


Thesis: Public Opinion of Human Trafficking

The Role of Misogyny in the 2016 Presidential Election

The Texas Justice System and its Response to Human Trafficking

Dressember Foundation Articles

Can Victims Become Traffickers? The Story of Allison Mack

A Broken Immigration System: The Story of 1500 Lost Children

The Link Between LGBTQ Youth and Human Trafficking

The Backpage Debate and All Things SESTA

The End Modern Slavery Initiative act: A Global Fight to End Slavery

Is Your Sweet Tooth Contributing to Modern Day Slavery?

College Students: How Human Trafficking Can Affect You

The Present Roadblocks to Human Trafficking Conviction & Prosecution

Atlanta Redemption Ink: The Art of Removal & Restoration

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Other Written Work

The Englishman’s Greatest Burden: Cognitive Dissonance

LBJ and the Making of His Civil Rights Legacy